Prof. Dr. Thomas Foken

Consultations and Assessments

Consultations and assessments will be given for the following topics (standard assessments carried out by service bureaus are excluded; in special cases, a consultation will be possible):

Micrometeorological measurements (energy and matter exchange, local climate), application of sensors, and data analysis with a special focus on eddy-covariance measurements.

Concepts for research projects, and practical applications having a micrometeorological focus.

Complicated applications of wind energy use in complex terrain, and wind profiles in the atmospheric boundary layer.

Lessons and training courses in micrometeorological and technical problems of measurements, as well as in land use changes, energy meteorology, deposition, and local climate.

Popular lectures about climate and climate change and mitigation, carbon cycle, wind energy and others.

Application of standards (ISO, VDI) in environmental meteorology. Head of the working group "Atmospheric measurements (in-situ)" of VDI e.V. - Association of german Engineers VDI/DIN - Commission on Air Pollution Prevention - Standards Committee.