Prof. Dr. Thomas Foken

Springer Handbook of Atmospheric Measurements


Von 01/2017 bis 12/2019

Projektleiter: Thomas Foken

The topic of measurements in the atmosphere is not only of interest to the meteorologist and for the purpose of weather forecasting and climate research but also increasingly important in environmental physics and ecology.

The book covers more than just the classical meteorological measurements and is divided into five parts: basics of measurements, classical in-situ measurements, remote sensing techniques for ground based and aircraft- or space based application, and complex measurements and methods that use different techniques. As well, a short link is made to measurements in the soil, in the water, at plants, and in the urban and rural environment, which are more and more necessary for observation of the interfaces to other geosystems.

The knowledge of many scientists who are specialists in this field or who have had a great influence on the development of these techniques will be made available for the reader of this book.

The book will be essential for students, researchers, and technicians making measurements in the atmosphere and the adjacent environments or interpreting data, and those using these data in modelling studies.

Included will be a large number of tables with physical data, sensors and system characteristics, as well as numerous figures and schematics.