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Springer Handbook of Atmospheric Measurements

Editor: Thomas Foken

This practical handbook provides a clearly structured, concise and comprehensive account of the huge variety of atmospheric and related measurements relevant to meteorologists and for the purpose of weather forecasting and climate research, but also to the practitioner in the wider field of environmental physics and ecology.

The Springer Handbook of Atmospheric Measurements is divided into six parts: The first part offers instructive descriptions of the basics of atmospheric measurements and the multitude of their influencing factors, fundamentals of quality control and standardization, as well as equations and tables of atmospheric, water, and soil quantities. The subsequent parts  present classical in-situ measurements as well as remote sensing techniques from both  ground-based as well as airborn or satellite-based methods. The next part focusses on complex measurements and methods that integrate different techniques to establish more holistic data. Brief discussions of measurements in soils and water, at plants, in urban and rural environments and for renewable energies demonstrate the potential of such applications. The final part  provides an overview of atmospheric and ecological networks.

Written by distinguished experts from academia and industry, each of the 64 chapters provides in-depth discussions of the available devices with their specifications, aspects of quality control, maintenance as well as their potential for the future. A large number of thoroughly compiled tables of physical quantities, sensors and system characteristics make this handbook a unique, universal and useful reference for the practitioner and absolutely essential for researchers, students, and technicians.

The book is now online available


Bamberg im Klimawandel

Thomas Foken

Erich-Weiss-Verlag, Bamberg

128 S., 54 Abb., 13,00 €, ISBN: 978-3-940821-85-0, Mai 2021

Inhalt: Wir haben gegenwärtig in Bamberg Temperaturen, wie sie vor Beginn der starken Erwarmung vor etwa 60 Jahren typisch für die wärmsten Gebiete Deutschlands waren. Gravierender sind jedoch Veränderungen, die nicht nur deutlich spürbar sind, sondern zu unumkehrbaren Veränderungen in unserer Umwelt führen. Das Buch befasst sich mit den durch den Klimawandel sich abzeichnenden Veränderungen in unserer Region und seinen Auswirkungen, den bereits eingetretenen und den in naher Zukunft zu erwartenden.

Kurzfilm zum Buch "Bamberg im Klimawandel"